The Opera Dudes

A singing duo who entertained us all evening with songs and laughter. Thy were really well received by the audience, encouraging us all to join in, while telling stories about their careers and people they’d met. I thought it was particularly clever how they incorporated little pieces of information about music and singing while we could barely stop laughing or clapping. Each partner had a solo piece, where we simply enjoyed their talent, and then it was back to the fun chatting and laughing. Well done both!
One comment was “absolutely brilliant” and all told us how much they’d enjoyed the evening.
Here’s a review:
“They were brilliant. They’re two tenors – both with stunning voices – but from very different backgrounds; one from Cambridge academia and the other from the world of construction. A key part of the show is the banter between the two of them, so it’s all very light-hearted, but the music is what really transports you, with a wonderful mix of styles and genres. A fun night out and good for the soul.”